Balance Suggestions For Blizzcon Update 2019

I frequently visit the sc2 forums but have never written a post. This post is my attempt to compile some of the good proposals I have seen, and try to address some of the common community frustrations I have noticed.

These balance suggestions are meant to be in addition to what Blizzard announced (with the expectation of the Hellbat, Viking, Raven, and Mothership)



  • Remove biological tag

It’s been suggested for years. This tag really only helps hellbat all ins, at the cost of mech TvP.

• Mag-Field Accelerator research time reduced to 79 down from 100

Battle mech created some great games in TvZ, but it fell out of favor sometime after this nerf was introduced. A revert of this nerf would help cyclones get out on the map earlier and start trading.


  • Increase base armor by 1 (up from 0)


  • Remove Interference Matrix
  • Reintroduce point defense drone
  • PDD can no longer block tempest shots

In its current iteration the Raven is king of timings. The combination of AAM and the interference matrix can both shred the opponent’s front line and render tanks, colossus, immortals, ravens, useless until the fight has been decided. Worse yet, the raven can complete its spell cycle in about 1 second from relative safety. The combination is unhealthy. Because AAM maintains its utility better than Interference Matrix, and synergizes so well with bio, I believe it should remain. Point Defense Drone should take IM’s place as the defensive support spell. I don’t think PDD would have the same negative impact IM has on the early game, and could better serve Terran mid and late game. For instance, PDD could provide the support vikings need in late game against brood lord corruptor infestor. Moreover, the raven has felt out of place with mech, AAM doesn’t synergize well, and emp does a better job filling most rolls interference matrix could play. This new PDD could support mech against the timing attacks with which they struggle, without denying Protoss a late game option.

The goal of these changes are to address:

  • Mutalisk play ZvP
  • Broodlord Infestor ZvP
  • Late Game TvP
  • Reliable Protoss Splash Damage

The following changes are meant to be viewed as a package.


  • Anion Pulse-Crystal removed

  • Reduce Phoenix range to 4 down from 5

  • Reduce Phoenix Cost to 150/75 down from 150/100

  • Increase base armor by +1 up from 0

These changes are intended to reduce the phoenix’s effectiveness against mutalisk. Removing Anion Crystal hurts phoenix scaling, so the price difference makes them less of a commitment. The +1 armor is to help compensate phoenixes for their reduced base range. In total the nerfs revert phoenixes back to an early wings of liberty state, while the buffs help maintain their current early and mid-game strength.


  • Reduce AA attack range to 10 (down from 15)

  • Add [medium] splash damage to AA attack (sorry I don’t have a number to give here. The splash damage would deal bonus damage vs light)

For those that don’t remember, air to air splash was part of the original design for the tempest.

It was deemed unnecessary after Anion Pulse Crystal was added later in WoL.

This would be a more reasonable answer to mass mutalisks – in lieu of ranged phoenix. At the same time, tempests would be a softer counter to brood lords and contribute (somewhat) more meaningfully against mass corrupter.

With regards to PvT, it’s the tempest which makes the late game so frustrating for us Terrans. With their 15 AA range - tempests force Terrans to engage, through storms and disrupters. With the nerf to advanced ballistics and the proposed buff to colossus further down this list, the tempest would likely keep its role as a reliable late game AA unit.


  • Reduce Blink research time to 100 seconds (down from 121)

In order to help blink openers in a mutalisk viable meta

High Templar

  • Revert patch 4.7.1 feedback nerf

This was intended to help ghosts and vipers. The nerf followed shortly after a time when the golden armada was seeing a lot of play. Given the current strength of carriers, the reduced range of tempests, and the emp buff – this nerf is not necessary.


  • Reduce Mothership build time to 79 seconds down from 114

  • Sight increased to 15 up from 14

  • Movement Speed increased to 3.5 up from 2.62

  • Acceleration Increased from 1.375 to 3

  • Inherit passive similar to Frenzied [immune to snare, stun, mind control, and movement altering effects]

These changes are aimed at helping the mothership become a more reliable support caster. The buff to its overall movement and vision make mass recall plays less of a gamble. Its new passive makes the mothership not as easy to pick off. Its reduced build time is now up to date with the pace of the game. These changes could give Protoss players alternative options in dealing with brood lord infestor or mech when behind, instead of direct engagements.


  • Damage changed from 10 + 5 vs light to 15 base.

  • Thermal Lance base range decreased to 6 down from 7

  • Extended Thermal Lance upgrade increases range +3 up from +2

  • Attack speed slowed by 10%

After a number of years, and consecutive buffs, the colossus still feels lack luster. Protoss players often use the word “consistency” when complaining about their splash damage. And their right, disrupters and storms can be micro’s against making the protoss army feel flimsy at times. These changes revert the colossus back to its generalist splash role from heart of the swarm. A more effective colossus would allow protoss players to sink more supply into things such as tempests – which could make up for the new tempest’s weaknesses. Lastly, given the economy changes and the addition of lurkers and liberators – I don’t think colossi will be the same A-Move terrors they once were [lacking counter play].

The dotted ring indicating the disrupters range represents the epicenter of the purification nova. The indicated range + nova radius reaches farther than siege tanks with vision. Instead of changing the purification nova’s movement speed or lifespan, a leash should be added to stop novas from exceeding their range indicator.


That’s pretty nice balance suggest you got there here is what i think

+2 armor research at the armory cost 150/150 time 180
(yes it will have +5 armor when maxed but this should compensate for the low hp and the harder repair)
maybe price increased form 100 to 150

now when on ground deals 2hp per hit attack speed starts from 0.50 and the longer he keeps firing that speed decreases to 0,15 max stop’s firing after 20 sec of fire for “cool down” and starts again from 0,50 attack speed
( those are miniguns after all ) basically my idea is to take the place of the old cyclone but i can’t find his old stats

better anti-armor just better anti-armor

Fungal Growth is no longer a cancer
it deals 40 damage over 12 seconds it no longer effects air units
units can enter medevacs, Warp Prism and nudis worms while infected

Spore Crawler
now deals splash damage and has a research that slows air units speed by 40% cost 200/200 time 140
(cuz zerg needs better AA)

units under Psionic Matrix have 0.1% buff for shield recharge and 0.2% for energy recharge the buff stacks whit the power of the Psionic Matrix
for example if hight templar is between 5 pylons its shield will recharge 0,5% faster and its energy will recharge twice as fast

Hey wtf has happened to this company? lmfao they used to be good xDDD fk this shitshow of a company

The main problem in TvP is Disruptors IMO, not tempests. Tempests could be countered by Terran ground units, Thors for example. However, don’t even think about going Thors vs Protoss in the current game state. Immortals are a good enough counter. Disruptors make Thor’s completely useless. Let’s be real though, disruptors make Terran ground pretty useless as a whole.

If disruptors were removed, Terran could actually engage a Protoss without being slowly picked off by colossis/tempest. Sure, Protoss has HT, but Terran has ghosts to take care of them.

One last thing I should say. I play Protoss, not Terran.