Battlecruisers balance

Why battlecruisers Tactical jump don’t need a vision? I just don’t understand the game designer’s idea, ofc it’s not an IMBA at the M or GM level, but for other players i sure - defensive style with battlecruisers is a serious headache for opponent, i mean - when ur opponent has only 1-2 base and u controls him - he can just jump, he even doesn’t need in vision like zerg Nydus Network. Playing battlecruisers with a lot of siege tanks and turrets at the main is too easer then any other tactics.

Hi, terrans are gamblers a lot. They warp jump their capital ships left and right. It should be risky action to jump inside planet atmosphere but it’s true accidents don’t happen in matches or coop.

I am a total noob, I am currently silver 1, but I haven’t had a big issue with BCs as protoss. If I see one, then he is probably going to mass them, and since they are extremely expensive, he also probably won’t have too many ground support units. By this time I usually have either: many gateways, 3 bases and a solid income, or both. I usually just swap chargelots for stalkers in the IAC composition and tear BCs a new one. If i start losing, I recall everything and go mass Void Ray. It had worked a number of times. Rays also kill his tanks nicely.