Battlenet down error with SOLUTION

Hey guys,
if you get this strange error too:

  • On login the shown Version at the lower left shows PTR at the end
  • You try to login and get a “ not reachable, is in maintenance”
    => so you can not login at all


  • Go to your launcher
  • Select StarCraft II
  • Click on Options and select “Show in Explorer”
  • Select the StarCraft II folder and show its content in the explorer
  • Solution Step: Rename the “StarCraft II Public Test.exe” to “BU_StarCraft II Public Test.exe”
  • Start StarCraft II using your launcher now

If this might not work you can just rename “BU_StarCraft II Public Test.exe” back to “StarCraft II Public Test.exe”. But it worked for me.

Enjoy and have fun. Don’t reinstall SC II.



Thank You

I found other solutions that said to just delete the file but I decided to go with your one just incase something wrong happens with the game if i deleted the file. I can confirm that this helps and I thank you.
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Thank you! it worked! :+1:

This worked for me. Thanks

Wow, 3 weeks of trying everything… This worked !!!

Thank’s!!! this one worked for me too… I’m running the game from the DVD and re installed it after 10 years…