BSoD on SC:R start

Hello, when starting SC:R I got a BSoD with description VIDEO SCHEDULER INTERNAL ERROR. It does not occur immediately after the new install (right after the install the game works fine), but rather after the whole PC has been put to rest mode (restarting seems to be non-issue up until that). Integrity and driver checks seem to be OK.
I’m using laptop with integrated graphics Intel UHD Graphics 630 and additional NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti if it helps.

Quiet possibly after being asleep the NVIDIA card isn’t waking up correctly.

If you open the NVIDIA Control Panel you need should head to Manage 3D Settings find Starcraft on the list and make sure that it’s set to use the correct card every time. This should fix the problem.

Sadly, once the laptop has entered the sleep mode, setting the specific card (Intel or NVIDIA) in NVIDIA Control Panel has no effect.