Cannot Connect to service Dec 2023

I’m having troubles connecting to any of the servers.

Installed game yesterday cant log in any of the regions or play offline even though i have bought all the expansions and played them trough years ago.

Same stuff. Guess they’re just banned all old players so they would buy the game again or smth.

So dont know what happened but i made a support ticket and about 40 min later i could log in but no answer yet from the ticket… :sweat_smile:

Can’t login from yeastarday :melting_face:

Same problem here. But i cant connect to any server

Can also not connect to any Server, also just installed the game again after not playing for years.

Same. Had the same issue 2 years ago and 1 year ago. Seems that I can’t play this game anymore. What’s going on?

can’t connect either, checked the firewall but everything is green. Is there an unplannified maintenance ?

I guess they banned you like rats with “temporary server outage” error rather than “you’re banned” or smth. Try another account, or maybe this is an ip ban. It surely looks like it.

You ask why? – Cause they can boy.

Ubisoft’s deleting old accounts, i guess blizzard figured they could do the same :wink:

Same problem here, for 2 days already I haven’t been able to play on any region.

Same here. Just wanted to play the campaign after some years but no luck.

same, I can connect to the US and the KR server either

Hey there,

I moved this to it’s own thread because the original topic was several months old and not related to what is being reported now.

At the time of these posts, there was an issue affecting connection to the game. That issue has since been resolved and you should be able to login at this time.

For anyone still experiencing issues connecting, please reply back with the exact error message you are seeing, whether this affects a single region or all, and if you have tried anything like changing connection, changing devices, changing accts, etc…