Cannot log into Starcraft 2

Since last week I’ve been unable to log into SC2, Battlenet logs in fine then when I press play the game loads as per normal, I get the loading screen then an Orange error screen saying “An Error has occurred” All the region options are blank just leaving the 2 options of “Options” or “Quit” I’ve tried repairing the game, I’ve tried clearing the information from %programdata% and both have left me with the same error.

Any technical support reps able to provide a solution? Also now tried re-installing the game to no improvements.

Same happens on my laptop, laptop also tried on different WiFi network to my Home PC and same result.


same here. quite annoying since i tried everything.

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Same here after upgrading to patch 5. Can´t play the game anymore.

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Resurrecting a year old topic without any advice or troubleshooting. We would though advise trying the following:

Also try logging into another region first and see if that works, then try your home region. If your problems persist please open a new topic on this matter.