Cannot open Starcraft Remastered - Unexpected Error (RESOLVED)

Resolved: A duplicate Starcraft folder was located in my OneDrive. Deleting the old file from there allowed me to run Starcraft.

Original Post:
I have The Launcher and Starcraft Remastered saved to my C:Drive (Root directory) and when I try to open Starcraft Remastered from the Blizzard Launch I’m shown an error message that says “The application encountered an unexpected error”.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled both programs. I have updated drivers and Windows. I have deleted the cache. This computer exceeds system requirements. I have closed all other programs.

I am able to open and play on another computer.

Would love some help!

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Was able to fix it. Ty!

Two years later, and this same crash still exists, as does the fix of deleting the outdated “Starcraft” folder in OneDrive! Thanks!