Cannot play offline

It’s been some time that it has become obvious to me that whoever programmed the SC2 menu/UI was not the brightest candle in the cupboard…
But this is getting riddiculous: I want to play 1v7 AI and since I don’t want to enjoy the lag of my slow internet connection for no good reason I want to play OFFLINE! (I already had ruin respective games for me when “disconnecting” a bloody game in which I was the only human player! TY Blizzard m#rons!)

But here come the Blizzard dipshits again… I cannot just play offline by choice while I am connected to the Internet, oh no… I have to unplug my network cable in order for this POS implementation to even give me that choice… and this seems to work as a workaround sometimes - but right now the game is in a mode where it starts with no problem while I am online, but as soon as I want to start the same shit offline this POS claims that it need to install ?! (obvisously it starts as soon as I reconnect to the network)

How dumb can it get?! after 10 years one would hope that this kind of garbage would have been fixed a while ago.