Can't buy co-op commanders

Blizzard shop has only few of them. Why? Maybe I can’t find the rest?
Can’t buy them through game either. When I press purchase I see blank window.

Could be a hicc up on Blizzards server side, happenened occationally that for a few days I could not buy stuff in the past.

Have you given it a shot again or is this something that has been a problem for some time?

it’s always blank and has been for a long time

Closest thing ive been able to find on the internet with similiar issues is this single page from the US side.
Unable to purchase co-op commanders - Technical Support - SC2 Forums (
Supposedly it is an connection issue with the shop (no idea how it can be an connetion issue if youre able to log into the game though).

There was no suggestions beyond supposedly checking connection but I have no idea what it is they suggest checking if you can log into the game.

Just spitballing a last thing I can think of, when youre in the Battlenet browser above the Play button click the globe icon above the cog to the right and try to launch the game from Americas side.
Might be a slim chance that EU side server got a small bad patch after the maintaince check that Americas side does not have.

We have some steps you can work through that usually fix this issue:

It could also be that you have Parental Controls on the account and they might need removing.

Thanks for the replies.
I turned in-game purchases on in parental controls.