Cant install stacraft remastered

I already installed starcraft remastered a year ago, i want to play it now i shows that i have to install it again, once i click install shows error BLZBNTAGT000008FC. What can i do, because i cant contact with blizzard about this.
Yo ya installe starcraft remastered hace un año, hoy que quiero volver a jugarlo me aparece que tengo que instalarlo otra vez, hago click en instalar y me sale error error BLZBNTAGT000008FC. Que puedo hacer? ya que blizzard no me da respuesta de esto. :triumph:

a few people have the same issue. it also affects starcraft 2 and hearthstone


Please try restarting the Blizzard Application. Close it downa nd wait about 2 minutes before starting it back up again, and try the install once more afterwards.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!

That didnt help. And you have made it really unnecessari hard to create a ticket. When you have to ad files i never heard of and such.

Bugged Starcraft and i cant even ask for help… gg

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Hello Steve

Usually when making a technical support ticket, we request that players send our way their system files so we can try to see what may be causing the issues with the installation problems.
What you can do here is to reply to this post with your system files sent via pastebin so we can try to see what else we can advise you to try.

bought starcraft remastered, installed battle net App and do not find where can i click to download the game?

Hello CrazyMage!

In the app on the left you should see a column with a list of games, the icon for Starcraft remastered should be the one below Starcraft II, and right above the “Parnter Games” section.

If you don’t see all the icons immediately, try scrolling the list of games - put your mouse cursor on top of the icons on the left and use the mouse wheel to scroll it up/down - or manually resize the app window :slight_smile:

Once you see the Starcraft Icon click on it, and you should have a button to install the game ^^