Can't install Starcraft 2

Hello everybody,

It has been a lot since the last time I played it and yesterday I decided to reinstall it. First I tried through app and it got stuck after I clicked on “confirm installation” after choosing installation options. It simply stays there forever with the loading triangle animation going on forever.
I waited today and tried again, same problem. Computer is up to date as well as the app.
Then I tried reinstalling the app first, same problem.
Than I tried to download the Starcraft direct installer, without the app, same problem.
I have the screenshot of the loading screen where it gets stuck forever, but I’m not allowed to put links.

Pls help!

Hi there KuL4,

For more info and troubleshooting steps for this, check out the support article here:

As for adding a screenshot, you can share links in your post as Preformatted text by highlighting your link and clicking the </> icon or writing the link between ``. To share files with us, you can use a page like or share directly with us through OneDrive.

If you need us to help take a closer look, we’d need you to provide your system files as well, either in a reply to this thread or via support ticket if you don’t want to post them publicly.

Thank you for the reply and for explaining me better how to use this forum.
As a matter of fact I already saw that troubleshooting article and tried everything that was suggested, but without success.
I will post the screen here just in case somebody has the same issue, this is the screen where I get stuck and the loading animation in the lower right corner going on forever:!AoGnwUCoWJoolXnUBMEZF2lDmsTg?e=ZPofYh

As for the system files I will open a support ticket