Can't start a new (WoL) Campaign


Installed SC2 on my new PC, want to play through the campaigns again.

At the WoL campaign page, clicking “Continue” takes me to the mission archives screen with 25/25 missions completed.
Clicking the dropdown and selecting “New Campaign” takes me to the intro cinematic and then back into the mission archives screen with 25/25 missions completed. If I play a mission (First mission, liberation day), I then get kicked back to the mission archives.

This means I miss the story, and lose every inter-mission hub… Missing upgrades… etc.

For some reason, it cannot boot up a blank slate with a new campaign.

What do I do?


I got exactly the same problem.

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Hi folks!

Thank you for reporting this, it’s being investigated at the moment, and once we have more information, we’ll update you. :slight_smile:



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Sure, it takes yall 10 minutes on a sunday to take down a forum thread posted in the wrong section but fixing something thats been broken for days needs more investigating. The campaigns have been working perfectly for years - just undo what you did to screw them up you muppets - i assume it’s the last patch and you’re just finding this out cos barely anyone plays the campaigns anymore, still no excuse.

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Me 3, trying to star new campaign but load my old game instead.

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I am having the exact same problem. Really sad :frowning_face: I paid so much pocket money when I was younger for this game… the WoL campaign is very very dear to me.


Having a similar problem in my WoL campaign. I start a new one, but instead of getting booted either to an actual new campaign, or to mission archives, I get booted to Hyperion, with Char being the only available mission and a bunch of upgrades purchased/researched. It must be some old save of mine. However, the problem persisted even after I found and deleted all my WoL savegames I could locate.

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The sc2 campaigns are broken from what I can see.

I cannot start a new WOL campaign - it kicks me out into the mission archives, and I can’t select my research choices, unit purchases etc. and I can’t talk to the characters in the ship.

In the HOTS campaign, the first mission is unbeatable - once I get to “morph zerglings” I morph the zerglings, swarmlings pop out (though with normal zergling timing and only in groups of two) and the “morph zerglings [0/8]” number doesn’t go up.

Overall, this is all indicative of a wider problem.


The problem with the campaign restarting is caused by some weird issue that removes permissions from the starcraft 2 document folder. It also made me unable to save.

You can fix it by navigating to starcraft 2 in my documents and going into the security tab, just give full access to everything. However everytime you restart the game it will remove the permissions again. No idea how they managed to screw up an 11 year old game like this.


It’s the battlenet app, it changes permissions and I for one can’t even change them back manually as suggested, easiest way is, once you change the permissions, to start the game without the battlenet app

I have found a workaround until this can get patched, at least for Windows. What I did is:
Go to Documents, find the Starcraft 2 folder and open Permissions
Go to Security → Advanced → Change Permissions → Choose a user and click Edit → Show advanced permissions
Enable all permissions except Change Permissions and Take Ownership
Repeat this for all users

This made me able to start WoL campaign again
(You probably do not need to do the above for all users, but I don’t know which ones are the actually necessary ones so I just did it for them all)


Blizzard should maybe get on with firing bobby already and get onto fixing their 10 year old game :slight_smile:

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So rare game and still getting ruined by politics. If only Blizzard had not been sold and did what they used to do the best. Now it’s all ruined.

That didn’t work for me, but what did work was changing the region you play in (from eu to america for me).

well, plus to the problem, the file solution does not work