Chinese message and w8ing for Blizzard's answer to my ticket

I asked the support staff at Blizzard to help me since their last patch ruined the game for me. I cant see anything when I log into Bnet. or LAN games.I can’t even create a game in LAN. and that Fuc… Chinese message keeeps also poping up. I am not a PC geek but one thing I learned since I was a kid is… If it is not broken don’t fix it!!! and this parth did all that and more since it broke the game I use to relax after work… so damn frustrating I even purchased REMASTERED re-intalled the game 4 times, tried all that about windows key+R and all but to no avail. will Blizzard get their shi… together and fix things up?

Hey there Skovtrold,

Sorry to hear you’ve been running into issues with the game. I had a quick look at your account but I’m not seeing any Support tickets create recently.

Can you please either expand on what the problem you’re having here or pop in a support ticket please. You can describe your issue here and get through to our Technical Support team.

Theres a workaround for this issue. Use asia region and update SC again than it will roll back to the previous working patch should be fairly easy. Blizzard doin updates is a good thing and im sure they will eventually fix the broken stuff… We all should be happy that blizzard actually using energy on improving SC for us players still playing it… have patience and understanding

This is not a work around. Your friend list goes if you do this. Wtf is wrong with blizzard? Ever since Activision bought them, they have been horrible.