Co-op Commanders

Just wondering if Blizzard ever does a bundle to mass purchase the commanders?

They did. Obviously you weren’t around.

As somebody who just came back to the game (after w3refunded xD) and just bought Legacy of the Void, I am the same like you: a commander pack would be very handy, as the current campaign pack includes the campaigns we already own / bought, not only the commanders.

This can’t be a coincidence, second post I check, and another toxic answer from this pathetic fanboy! Get a life dude!!

They didn’t, they did a christmas sale like every other store front!!!

Actually the campaign bundle also includes Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of The Void, in addition to all commanders, so NO, there is NOT a bundle for the commanders, obviously you are wrong, and white knighting blizzard in a way that only pushes customers off! (this is a note to the CM after this toxic troll reports my answers which of course he won’t like. This behaviour pushes new customers out of forums and eventually out of game)

Obviously you weren’t around too.

Explains everything.