Coop NEEDS new maps to stay viable

This nifty idea would lower your profits Blizzard, but take a look at it from my view:

We haven’t had a map since forever, you only keep adding commanders, which is great if you want to run out of ideas sooner and have a full wallet.

Why adding more maps is a good idea:
As of now, if you buy a new commander, you just level it to lvl 15, play the maps you played 1000 times and you’re done.

However… If you add a map, and It’s not a total failure (I would accept even that), It adds replayability for EVERY commander, new strategies to try and a shiny new map that you can play another one thousand times.

But mainly: It adds variation to the same roster we had for a year.

But what do I know about this kind of stuff, heh?

PS: You can rename this forum section to Co-op Commanders Discussion. It’s only that.


Better idea: every time they release a coop commander (maybe every other) release a map themed around that character. I think that would be really cool.


That is even better! I’d really like to see some new maps and commanders.

I would also like to see new maps I wanna feedback to Blizzard Email but not sure whats the Email.

We need a map without time limit like dead of night to build up forces and then fight the other bases but we can use our co op heroes