Dear Santa: Please fix the ladder / league bug

Kinda beating on a dead reindeer here, I know. I’ve mostly lost hope of this ever actually getting fixed, but it would be nice if it did end up getting fixed someday.

So if anyone at blizz is reading this: there’s still people playing the game, and the ladder is more fun when you have ladder promotions happening from time to time.
Promotion screens make happy chemicals that make brain go brrrr.

Which is especially nice motivation for those of us in the metal leagues.

So, with the festive season almost upon us, fairy lights twinkling outside in the streets and all that jazz… it would be awesome if leagues got fixed, and if we got to see them nice, juicy, twinkly promotion screens again between 1k and 3k (ish) MMR.

Yes, I know matchmaking itself is still fine and MMR-based, that the leagues are mostly cosmetic etc, that this bug has been going on for years, that Blizz’ have basically abandoned the game, etc.

But ascending the ladder was a fantastic way to have a sense of our progress, and it was nice when it worked. And it would be nice if it worked again, especially for us low-MMR players who are basically stuck in “Silver” for and working on a promotion to… “Bronze” (kek).

A fix would be really nice, and even though hope is slim, doesn’t mean that we should stop pointing out the bugs and hoping for a fix someday.

Especially since apparently it seems to be fixed on the US ladder (as of writing this), so… dear Blizz, please can we have a fix for the EU ladder as well? And hopefully a fix that will not break again? It would be awesome.


For what I’ve red is a very old bug. No comments from Blizzard? I’m 2650 and bronze 2 league.