Easy to implement anti-air option for zerg

One of the problems zerg has faced for a long time is their lack of options when it comes to anti-air. This was patched by Blizz via buffing Queens and buffing Queens and then buffing Queens and then buffing… (one eternity later) …and then buffing hydras.

Now I understand that this is partly because Blizzard REALLY does not want to create a new unit for zerg. They don’t have that kind of dev budget anymore.

What I think could add a bit more options is a simple upgrade in the roach warren.

Ravagers are allowed to attack air.

No tech requirements, 50/50 cost with a low-ish research duration.

If it’s not enough add in an extra +1 range or something in addition to it. The idea is ravagers could be an alternative option. It doesn’t have to be the BEST option every time, just an option.

They don’t have a tag much like queens so they’re pretty versatile, they can be created pretty easily because roaches are so ubiquitous, but they cost a lot of gas and don’t deal quite as much damage as hydras do so they’re not always a solution.

It’s very easy to implement, you can reuse the animation for ravagers, so no need to even make new projectile art. It’s very doable.

And if it’s tested and works then we can test if queens can finally calm the heck down with their 20 km attack range.
And if it’s tested and doesn’t work, you can separate the attack from the main one and the anti-air attack can be stronger or faster without affecting the anti-ground attack - like Battlecruisers have 2 different attacks that look the same but do different damage.

I would like scourge.