[EDITOR] Armor custom table

Hello! I ask in advance for grammatical errors, as I do not know English well.

I would like to suggest adding change to manually edit the percentage of the armor units in the editor. Set the minimum values ​​for the amount of armor and its percentage.

Make this option in the parameters of the Unit, and not as everything is scattered now, according to the unit and the damage effect.


The user specifies the amount of armor and how many percent of the incoming damage will be reduced.

0.1 armor = 0.5% damage absorption
0.2 = 1%
0.3 = 1.5%

And also indicate your own pattern:

1 armor = 1% damage absorption
2 = 3%
3 = 10%
4 = 25%
5 = 75%
6 = 90%

Also change the increase in armor in the game by the specified units. Or create your own table of armor, which will indicate the minimum amount of armor and the percentage of damage absorption. This is necessary for the growth of armor due to buffs and abilities in the game.


  1. The minimum value of armor in units: 0.01 units

  2. The choice of half-absorption of damage for the minimum value of armor: In units / In percent

2-1. Minimum percentage of damage absorbed: 0.01%
2-2. The minimum value of the absorbed damage in units: 0.01 unit

  1. The step of changing the absorbed damage as a percentage for the minimum armor value (that is, for 0.01 armor unit): 0.02%

Thank you.