Error 5:740, second time since yesterday

The game was fine when i left it (Four weeks ago), after finishing BroodWar campaing tried to play Starcraft 2 and had this error yesterday, fixed it after doing Analyse and Repair (Twice), reinstalling the game and then restarting the pc, tried to play today and it´s back, i dont feel like doing the same thing everytime i want to play, Is there a way to fix it without reinstalling the game?

Hello EmiNVS,

I’m sorry to read what happens when you try to play Starcraft II. To fix this error please follow these steps:

  1. Temporarily disable anti-virus or security software
  2. Try Selective Startup
  3. Try launching the game from a new administrator account

Hi. I tried to start the Battle.Net client as administrator and the error disappeared. StarCraft 2 also has administrator privileges.
I hope it helps you, sorry for my english from google translator. :smiley:


Helps for me. Thank you, Hero!