Game Zoom is messed up

My photo wasn’t allowed as I can’t link in this post for some reason.

My game is too zoomed in. It just seems off, as if I can’t see enough. Probably about 40% too zoomed in, and it has nothing to do with mousewheel zoom or pgup/pgdn zoom. I have an ultrawide monitor. Before I was playing on a normal monitor. On my old monitor, it also was too zoomed. On my other computer that I previously used, I had no issues. It doesn’t seem to stem from the aspect ratio nor the resolution of the monitor, I have tried adjusting both in-game and display settings on the computer itself.

Weirdly, it only seems to be in the campaign or in certain arcade games. Other games where I assume they manually fix player’s zoom, I have no issues. Examples of arcade games that work fine would be direct strike, starbattle, pokerbattles, etc.

The only arcade game I have played where it messes up the zoom is NOTD. It’s so zoomed in that its unplayable.