Global Game time Scale

I noticed that whenever i create a mod, no matter what dependencies i use, all time settings (training time of unis, or duration of a behaviour, or cooldown of an ability) are reduced by a 30%.
For example an SCV is set in the editor to be trained in 17 seconds.
In game, the build time shows only 12 seconds training time.
A unit spawn has a Time Life Behaviour of 60 seconds.
Yet in game the time bar only shows and lasts for 40 seconds.
Game speed should affect the speed at which time lapses, not the actual amount of seconds of a unit train.
Yet the problem is not related to game speed setting (normal, fast etc.)
Its like I have a hidden “time reduction” option somewhere, but i cannot figure out where this setting is coming from.

Anybody has any idea? or ever experienced this problem?