Graphical glitch in SC1 campaign select screen

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I recently downloaded SC1 classic (I haven’t bought remastered - yet) to play through the campaign like I remembered it in the good old days.

In the campaign select screen, it looks like this.
i.imgur. com/tQSmXFZ.png
As you see, the “rings” that are supposed to be under each race is moved, and each race model is also moved upwards.

Another glitch, is in the Terran mission briefing screen:
i.imgur. com/rPEKnOy.png
There is a clear “box” around the spinning globe by the Start button. The Zerg mission briefing is displayed correct.

i.imgur. com/IO3EdKq.png
Another example, the grid should be displayed BELOW the warring starships.
Apparently many such graphic elements seems replaced or moved.

Are there any easy fixes I could try first? Reinstall hardly seems useful, I installed it just 4 days ago.

Edit later:
Does anyone else have experienced it too?
The glitch is also present in the protoss mission briefing screen. It’s very similar to the one for terrans, on the start button “crystal”.


I have the same issue and just wanted to report it. It appeared a few weeks ago an I thought it will be gone when re-opening the game and forgot about it. Today when I relogged the same glitch came back.

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