Hi there ... what was your learning curve

i started playing day ago came to mission 7 in original starcraft…;/ i am not very good player…its hard to play long hours for me…i can only play few missions each day…i dont want to play other games, i want to master this game. i know it takes alot of times… but how can you stay motivated to play and learn

Well yes, after many years i never get past of F rank (I know Ranked System is a big lie since anyone can smurf and delete profiles), i always wanted to become better o decent after how many time i know the game…I never get past of 100 APM on my best times. Moving an thinking well at same time is not my best ability. If I go more intensive in the game i get frustated by the end of the day…
90% of players on Bnet are faster and more skilled than me. They just know the perfect way of countering you.
Im not a good loser anyway, and finding 90% of ppl way skilled than you…

What I can reccomend?
Play by your own way, play agaisnt 1 cpu vs 3 allies or similar until you gain confidence.
if you go on Bnet My tip is play in big teams 3v3 4v4 Hunters BBGH so you can watch your teammates do and support you.
Learn a build orders, watch videos from pro players and repeat it by your own rithm.
You have to be very methodic to have good APM, you have to look many things in short time. (I fail here because i like to watch the battles itself.) get acustomed to use Keybinds.
At last play with ppl which you can have fun, actually i play with a cousin and sometimes with a friend.
Have a good luck, you can add me if ya want.