HotS and LotV campaigns "unavailable offline" ? ö

I have downloaded SCII and I have just started playing Wings of Liberty, which fortunately I could play offline (because the proxy I’m using does not allow the BattleNet ports).

But unfortunately, when I tried to check the Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void campaigns, the program says that they are unavailable offline. (oh no!!)

Is there no way of playing Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void offline, just as I am now playing Wings of Liberty offline? My main problem is that there is no way I could change the network settings, and so I hope there can be a possibility for me to play the SCII campaigns offline, as long as I have downloaded the latest game data and updates/patches from BattleNet.

And one last question: is it really the case that Achievements are not recorded/recognized if SCII is played offline?

Thank you very much, and I hope there can be some solution to all this.

Just pulled my ethernet cable, launched in offline mode and had no issue starting the LotV campaign, though my achievements were all at 0%. The way it used to work back in WoL days was that you had to log in to an account with a valid license and then offline access was available for a limited time period, about a month IIRC.

So if you’re digging underneath the Great Firewall you’re probably SOL but for something like a school/uni dorm you could likely visit some place with public wifi, log in to your SC2 account without any weird proxies and then enjoy offline play for a few weeks before having to do so again. The system probably relies on locally stored data so if you want to play on a full PC tower you might need to get a little more creative.

Yep, achievements are unavailable in offline mode

Is there no way to play LOTV offline past the prologue ?