How to remove formation movement in editor

Hello Blizzard and modders community,

Do you have an idea how to remove formation movement of units? If you are creating a warcraft map this option is automatically turned on. In the new patch release news it is said to be done via triggers, however after intense search I was unable to locate it.

Thank you very much for your answers!

i would beg for an answer to this

Please, anyone has an answer to this? It seems like there are indeed no triggers for it.

To remove the formation movement of units in the Starcraft 2 Editor, you can use the “Move” command without the “Formation” option. Here are the steps:

Select the units that you want to modify.
Open the "Trigger Editor" by clicking on "File" > "Trigger Editor" in the top menu bar.
Click on the "New" button to create a new trigger.
In the "Trigger" section, give your trigger a name, such as "Move Without Formation."
In the "Actions" section, click on the "New" button to add a new action to the trigger.
In the "Action Type" drop-down menu, select "Issue Order."
In the "Order Type" drop-down menu, select "Move."
In the "Target" field, select "Picked Units."
Uncheck the "Formation" option.
In the "Location" field, select "Point."
Click on the "New" button next to the "Point" field to set the location where you want the units to move.
Close the "Trigger Editor" and save your map.

Now, when you select the units and execute this trigger, they will move without formation. To execute the trigger, you can either assign a hotkey or create a button on the user interface.