I get disconnected every game

Hi. I recently moved to Austin, TX from California and all the sudden, I am having this disconnection problem. In every games, I see a drop player screen after about 40 seconds into the game. Sometimes I get to play longer and see the screen about 1 minute 40 seconds into the game. I just don’t understand why this is happening because I used the very same computer to play SC back in California and never had this problem, and the internet service I am using in Austin is a lot faster than the one I used in California. Can Blizzard please help me out with this issue?

Hey dedus224

For those type of issues I would suggest that you do these connection troubleshooting steps first:

If those steps do not solve your issue, just contact us back with your system files and a WinMTR test result sent via pastebin so we can try to see what may be causing those problems. :slight_smile: