I hope to be able to watch videos of top players in the game

Why doesn’t the game have this function? Find a Grandmaster group to point out his match records and watch and learn…

A big problem with this game is that there is no quick way to improve.
1: Go to the game? What is the probability that professional play is exactly the same as the one you encounter on the ladder? What’s more, professional operation is not for ordinary people.
2: Listen to the commentary? Commentary can say that the probability of thinking is lower than that of the game.
3: Keep practicing? The first one was killed by tactic a, the second one was changed to another race, and the seventh was tactical A. you can remember where the mistake was last time. If the routine changes, the response will be totally different.

Hope to find a game at random to find a master save can watch his game record method

In addition, I hope to add a feature that the top players feel good after playing a game and can recommend this game to the official. If the official thinks that a player in this game is outstanding, add it to the home page and recommend the video.

And if it’s possible, I hope it’s global synchronization. We can watch the games and responses of the world’s top players. If conditions permit, commentary can be added to the video. Text is OK. So is audio.

I use machine translation. There are bound to be mistakes. I will add the original Chinese translation





The games are considered private and the information is saved on the two connected computers only.

There are a lot of websites for downloading games of players of all ranks.

If you know the name of the player, search it and you will find their replays.

The tactics used for winning are not important until masters league and by that point, you will have the capability to understand why they do what they do and might be able to learn to emulate it.

I hope your translator service does well enough and that what I have said makes sense.