Keeps crashing on start up macOS Catalina 10.15.5

Heroes of the Storm and Starcraft 2 keep crashing on start up since I updated to MacOS 10.15.5 all other blizzard games work. Any one have a solution?

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Having the same issue. Updated yesterday to macos 10.15.5 and I cannot start StarCraft 2 anymore.

For these kinds of issues after an update it would be worth running through the steps here.

Let us know though if nothing there works!

Same issue here. Worked through the steps, even reinstalled Starcraft II and the Battle net Desktop App. No help. Issue occured after update to 10.15.5.

Changing the Macs Name in Settings-Sharing worked for me! Thanks to the support!


Having the same issue, can you expand on “Macs Name in Settings-Sharing”? Thanks!

Mac OS settings - sharing - Computers name has to be changed. In my case, that worked for me. Support also suggested on turning the new battery management feature off (for portable Macs). However, there was no need for me to do that.

Wow changing the computer name fixed it for me as well. Thanks a lot for your quick reply!

To fix the 10.15.5 crash at start-up for HOTS all you have to do is goto Settings - sharing and then rename your computer from the default Macbook Pro (for instance) to a single word computer name such as - HOTSchamp or something.

this works as hell, thanks bro!!!

Just worked for me too

Thought it too crazy, but I tried, and no longer just “iMac” as name …

Looks like OSX updates can blow away your hostname so check this even if you’ve done it before. Worked perfectly for me both times round!

This is the dumbest crash error. I can’t believe this was causing the game to consistently crash on launch. Changing the computer name to 1 word fixed it. Thank you so much. Blizzard please Fix this ridiculous issue.