Map editor and non working CPU

Hi there,

I’ve started to tweak a bit with Starcraft 2 Map creation but encountered a problem with the Computer Controlled Players.

I’ve set it up as a simple testmap 2 player vs 2 CPU but somehow the CPU wont do anything, they get their main base and the workers but wont to anything.

On the other hand if i start the map alone and add an AI on my team that one starts to build up and i got no clue why the other 2 wont do anything

Maybe one out there has a solution for this ?

Tried to Add Links to pics and the map to see but i’m not allowed to add links for some reason…


It sounds like you may need to adjust the AI settings for the computer-controlled players in your map. Here are some steps you can take to try to get them to start behaving as you’d like:

Make sure that you have selected the correct AI difficulty level for the computer-controlled players. In the "Gameplay" tab of the "Map Options" menu, you can select the difficulty level for each computer player. If you have selected a difficulty level that is too easy, the AI may not be aggressive enough to start building and attacking.

Double-check that you have given the computer-controlled players enough starting resources. In the "Gameplay" tab of the "Map Options" menu, you can adjust the starting resources for each player. If the computer-controlled players don't have enough resources to start building, they may appear inactive.

Ensure that the computer-controlled players have been given appropriate AI scripts. In the "AI Scripts" tab of the "Map Options" menu, you can assign an AI script to each computer-controlled player. Without an AI script, the player will not know what to do and will remain inactive. Try selecting a pre-built AI script that matches the gameplay you have in mind, or create your own custom script.

Check that you have placed enough resource nodes on the map for the computer-controlled players to gather resources from. Without resources to gather, the AI will not be able to build units and structures.

Finally, make sure that you have placed enough spawn locations for the computer-controlled players to start at. In the "Gameplay" tab of the "Map Options" menu, you can set the number of spawn locations for each player. If there are not enough spawn locations, the computer-controlled players may not appear on the map.