Monitor resolution on ultrawide

I’m trying to play this game on my ultrawide, however:
Fullscreen option results in the game being stretched, I assume due to PVP advantage which is fine but why not black bars on the sides?
In windowed mode I have to position my mouse just perfect on the edge to scroll the screen.
In windowed fullscreen windows taskbar is on top of the game so it covers a part of it and prevents me from moving the camera down.

How do you play this game on ultrawide?
What is the reason behind this potato programming?

Hello Max :slight_smile:

The “stretching” of the game while in full screen is normally due to Scaling settings set on a driver level. The management software for your GPU drivers (eg nvidia or amd control panels) should have a section related to scaling where you can set the related behaviour.

Setting the option to “no scaling” should allow you to play in letterbox, with black bars on the side :slight_smile:

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OMG thank you I’ve been looking for this answer for so long…

I don’t want to play in letterbox with black bars on the side. I want to play in full screen ultrawide 21:9 resolution just like Dota2 and Diablo III. Please fix it, thank you.

Dear Santa,

I really wish that Blizzard will enable 21:9 support for single player and co-op for SC2 as its one of my favorite games of all times. Nothing will make ME and a few MILLION others happier at the end of this terrible year. Stay safe!


If you would like to see something brought to Starcraft II, the best place to discuss this is via the General Discussion forums, which can be found here: