NEEDS SC3 build and release, many issue causing players to leave

So Issues, alot of players dont like the new maps, hard to defened spend more on defense structures. Rushing is cheesy and quick wins with no real gameplay or action. Matchmaking is well off as well as league placements, maybe cos of the rushers?? i cant say but its not right. This is a good game and has its time, I believe a Starcraft 3 is well over especially to regain lost fans. this game is over 14 years old… So New builds, new races, updated graphics, new stratergies, new maps. New campaigns…well overdue. Rushers can be stopped if Blizzard sorts, just like we are unable to send resources to team the can put an invisible barrier which gets lifted after 5 mins should give playes more than enough time to get some sort of defense. Its been said that Zero space maybe the replacement, whats blizzard gonna do im hoping a new SC3

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Jesus darkmaster you just cant stop spamming this everywhere you find.