New Custom Campaign "Emperor's Path"

Hi everyone! I am Dreadnaught # 2415, nickname Abdul_Zeratul (@ Europe). After reading the book “I, Mengsk” I really wanted to create my own custom campaign dedicated to Mengsk. A few months later I succeeded!
Emperor’s Way:
7 missions, 1 short interlude
Difficulty: medium - +. I’m sure anyone can handle it without any problems.
Available in two versions: 1) Original Remastered 3) Version for 1.16

Initially I planned a much larger campaign, but the goal turned out to be too ambitious. So, on the release, its only 1/4 of what was planned, and instead of a war with all the enemies of humanity, on release only the conquest of the Kel-Morians.
Have fun!

Original Remastered version:

English version at 1.16:

Great Proyect man, nice to see creativity and effort put on it. I made until last episode which is more challenging than vanilla campaigns!

Hi Bro

Thanks for your work of passion! I was one of the players who tested your maps on the European battlenet. It was fun playing an campaign again. I hope you release more of this.

Thanks again!