No technical support at all

I sent you 3 messages about constantly crashing editor 1 week ago and still no answer !!! THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT !!!

Hey there SVD,

I’m not seeing any posts on this EU forum account or tickets related to the Blizzard account regarding any issues with the Editor so not sure what answers you are expecting. :slight_smile:

If you can share with us what’s going on, we can take a look at it but understand that if it’s a bug report, you’ll want to post on the US forums here:

I have used your feedback system ! Sorry I won’t use it anymore :slight_smile: . I hope someday it will fix by itself :heart:

No worries, do keep sending that! But also if you take a screenshot of the Code of the feedback you can send that to Customer Support, or post it here. We would recommend a Screenshot of the Code as it can be easy to make a mistake while typing them out. We can look it up and we might be able to offer some Troubleshooting on the issue if it’s technical related to your system. It might as you say need something fixing by the developers though.