Nothing is saved somehow even after repair


I have a issue and i don’t know since when, every time i launch the game i have :

  • the LotV cinematic
  • Campaign all lost ( only able to create new campaign)
  • not able to create a replay folder
  • All arcade stats reset after every game and then lost

Only my profile is fine.

I scanned and repaired it , did nothing
I tried to create a replay folder (in game) and unable to create one (error)

And i don’t know what i miss

Maybe a note : i switched computer, i used to store starcraft on a hard drive for stockage and run from the hard drive, but i no longer use the hard drive since i switched to a new computer and is now located in application. i used the migration assistant since both computer were mac to transfer data

If someone can help i would really like to those issue being solved :pray: