Player used his worker to ruin my game


I woudl like report to blizzard that player used his worker to ruin my game.

He moved his worker to my area and let him run in circles. This make me feel sick. I politely ask him to stop doing this and leave my place. I told him I’m player with disability which doesn’t affect players behavior instead he was rude on me.

I’m very disappointed. There are many players who are hateful in chat. This I can handle. But this is too much even for me.

Especially if blizz/activision don’t care.

I woudl like to attach saved replay.


Hi there Dragon!

I’m truly sorry about the situation you encountered, Dragon. Thing is, this wouldn’t really be against the Terms of Use. Being hateful in chat is absolutely against the rules and we encourage you to report it always, but it’s really hard to determine if a gameplay action is just griefing or a valid tactic, so we do not moderate this sort of behaviour.

In situations like these, we recommend that you use the Block Player tool, so you never cross paths again with this person. To block a player in StarCraft II, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click the character portrait or the character name in chat and select Block Communication.
  2. Click Block Player to confirm.

While ignored, the player cannot whisper you, send group invites, or request a group invite. Additionally, you will not see their messages in public chat channels.

Best of lucks in your future games, Dragon!

Hi there Essiasam!

First of all I am surprised to see active moderator in here (NA forum which is active, did not have Blizzard support for over a year untill 2 months ago). I do not blame you for anything Sir, however, I silently hope you may pass the information further. What I write is mainly informative to Dragon, please do not take anything personally.

I believe so, it must be difficult, when there are not enough people employed to punish properly such behaviour.

Unfortunately in many cases team modes (2v2,3v3,4v4) are commonly unplayable across many leagues (20-40% griefing chance) through random match making, 20% smurfs in platinum and more in lower leagues [ Smurfs: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly - Q&A - General Discussion - SC2 Forums ] and Activision does not seem to bother about the problems, game is facing many bugs (leagues allocation, disconnections, match making), the support almost stopped completely (fortunately now we got back technical support, but still no maps / balance patches), what makes the game look almost as if it was forgotten.

Unfortunately Starcraft 2 is in miserable state right now and I fear to think how it would look like if it wasn’t for contract with ESL.


thank you for your response. I appreciate it very much.

I’d like to say it was a griefing tactic. But I’m not the judge here. So please allow me to post a link to the match footage here.

I am also sorry that I was born disabled. But I’m more sorry that this kind of in-game behavior does not harm the match itself, but my entire experience of the game and the game itself.

In my opinion, blocking at the user/player level will not help here. In my opinion, what would help here would be rather education of the players, so that they are aware that such playing can cause health problems for other players. In my case, it caused me migraines, blurred vision and nausea. I have been monitored for epilepsy since birth. Playing games helps me relax and calm down. When this came up, I immediately shifted my gaze elsewhere in the game.

Thank you for your reply.


thank you for your kindness. I’m used to hate and I’m trying to fight it.

As a biologist, I would say we are all human, but some are closer to apes. I mean in behavior towards the standards of a given level of society.

So if an alien saw this, I don’t know what he’d think.


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Instead of using other websites, it is suggested to use “” website to upload your in-game replays.

The website is easy for saving replays and also automaticly analysis a match, making it easier for other people to work with.

Oh really thanks for information, but it’s not supported.

The provided replay did not process correctly. The following replays are not supported

"* Arcade Games

  • Coop
  • Replays Older then 2 years
  • Archon

Please try again."