Initially the post was prepared for general forum (Map Showcase - SC2 Forums), after finding the “feedback” function I decided to post it here. I hope you don’t have any inconveniences with its original not corrected version, as editing the text in English is a rather difficult task for me.

Attention, lots of text and screenshots.

Hi. I have an interesting situation where I would like to get some answers either from people who know, or if I’m lucky, from blizzard employees.

We will talk about the first point of the rules for creating multiplayer maps: “Custom Game Acceptable Use Policy - Legal – Blizzard Entertainment”, namely:

  1. Custom Games should be playable by all users.
    Custom Game developers may not develop Custom Games that include a mechanism that allows the developer to limit access to the Custom Game to certain users.

Next is the chronology of events:

27.12.2018 - I started playing “Desert Tankbattle” (battlenet:://starcraft/map/2/186267)

11.01.2019 - I met the wonderful admin of this map.

As you can see from the last screenshot, I was added to an “Arnold’s naughty list” (Later on, one of the map veterans told me that this mechanism is made to fight the so-called “smurfs” (Players hiding their main nickname) and apparently people who are not liked by the administrator.)

An example of an announcement in a new game

After the beginning of the next game it became clear that finding this list in every way prevents the user from playing. Namely, at different times trigger different triggers: Of the harmless - your tank (the hero you control) gets stun (the inability to move and attack). Of the more unpleasant - things in front of which usually put a warning like "cautiously can cause an epileptic seizure" such as crazy camera jerking in all directions alternating flashing colored inscriptions (unfortunately, screenshots will not be able to convey what is happening)

But despite these limitations, I continued to play this map, which apparently very upset the admin map, so:

15.01.2019 - I saw a brand-new, exclusive greeting, which was not there before (apparently other players who were on this list were dropping the game, at least from this account)
It was:
It is now:

At the same time, the game began to break down for all participants in the lobby, if there was a person from the "Naughty list" (after the match start timer has been counted down, the trigger to start the game has not started), as a result:

After that, I was already upset and took the next steps:

  1. Using the in-game functions, I complained to the map describing the problem

  2. Waiting for some time and not seeing the result, I contacted a specialist of Russian-speaking technical support, he recommended me to comply with paragraph "1".

  3. Completed point "1"

  4. Due to the lack of any results, in the appropriate section of the forum I asked for comments on this issue
    (Didn’t get it.)

  5. For the second time I contacted a specialist of Russian-speaking technical support, after a long conversation he promised to try to deal with this problem.

However, about 5 months after the first contact with technical support, this map still has mechanisms that violate the first paragraph of the blizzard rules, which was mentioned at the beginning of the post.

PS: Since I am not a native English speaker, this post was created with the help of one of the online translators, primarily to send NA to a technical support specialist, as I will not be able to describe the current situation while communicating live. And all the ways I know how to work out the issue I’ve already tried.

PSS: If anyone knows any other ways I don’t know, I’ll be glad to hear it.
Please don’t offer this option

Nobody cares I’m sad to say. I wrote a similar thread about SC2 Mafia years ago and reported the game in as many ways as possible. Nobody bothered. Just like nobody bothers with these forums.