Reincarnation - a Brood War custom campaign

Sorry to make this thread again but since the forums “moved” (without the old threads), that one will fade to total oblivion.

Reincarnation is an atypical custom campaign made mostly with the game’s editor. I tried to create a different play style than the game’s usual. It has melee too but not at the same level as the original game.
It’s RPG inspired however there is not proper level up or inventory for items but the main character becomes stronger as the story progresses.
The campaign offers covert-ops missions (as the main character is a Ghost) and base building missions. I tried to make maps as varied as possible, similarly to Wings of Liberty, but within the StarEdit’s (game editor) limitations.
All three races are involved but the action circles around the terran.

Here you have the link to the archive download and screenshots:

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