Replays are not available at all

Hi there!

I just jumped back into sc2 and reinstalled the game (on mac, big sur 11.6). After a versus game I can´t watch my replay (“surrender and rewind” leaves me in game but without replay overlay). Also my replays don´t get saved, my replay list ist empty even after several games.
By atempting to “save” the replay from menu it gives me the message that “replay of this map cant be saved” → I´m playing on regular ladder…
I also can´t create a replay-folder or switch to my folder in the finder. It just drops me out of game but does not open a finder-window . Also I cant find the replay folder manually. Maybe the game didn´t create a replay-folder on reinstall? Can I create one manually? and if yes, where?

Any tips are very welcome!

Thank you a lot in advance!

Hello voidead,

According to your description, sounds like a permission issue. You should try with another admin session :

I have the same issues. Is it a Mac problem?

You posted something for windows, not Mac! However it seems it’s a Mac Problem…

Indeed, this is a mac issue where the Account folder is missing/deleted under
~/Library/Application Support/Blizzard

However, I deleted the Blizzard folder so I’m even more screwed on what to do besides making a new admin account as what Daeranayc suggests, but I am wondering if there’s a better solution than that.

Just nice to see people actually still playing the game, its been brutal out there, game seems dead, but I still play. Scarlett has started playing again, so there seems to be a bit of a resurgence.

I have exactly the same problem on Mac. all replays are gone, and I cant save or create folder for replays, I cant rewind games. Also all my hotkeys settings are gone!
Good job Blizzard!!!

Hi everyone,

After the latest patch I had the same issue as described and one of Blizzard’s CS teammembers provided me a very quick and easy solution (for MAC) that helped immediately, I am posting it here:

Lets check your hard drive permissions to see if there’s something changed to it:

  1. Open finder, use go to folder option in menu (or Shift+command+G)
    Type: ~/Library/Application Support/Blizzard/
    It will open folder contents
  2. Look for “StarCraft II” folder
  3. Change that folder permissions to Read and Write
  • right click, GetInfo, Sharing and Permissions, unlock changes, change to RW and use small circle with dots to apply that permissions to all enclosed items.

Make sure that folder is set to Read and Write. If you use FileVault, make sure that it’s disabled for the game installation folders as a precaution.

Hope this helps and enjoy your replays!

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Thank you! This worked for me! Not having replays was so frustrating! Much appreciated!

i am having this problem since the update from a few weeks ago. it’s not a permission issue in my case as all folders + executables have the R&W permission.

I can’t save my settings nor replays.

I even tried reinstalling the game.

Help! :frowning: