SC2 Black Screen in game play

Hello all,

Encountering a problem for 2-3 days (i did not face the same issue before). When i play SC2 normally, some in first game sometimes in 5th game, suddenly black screen appears (there is a sound in background and i can move the cursor) only ctrl alt del solve it by forcing the restart pc. Got no Error Code or something.

I am using W10 64 bit, Amd 3600X on Asus X570-F with Asus Strix GTX 1070. I have deleted and reinstalled the graphic drivers. I have changed the Game Settings in App (-Displaymode 0) i also completely uninstalled and reintall the game but nothing changed so far.

Never had the same issue with Diablo III, Overwatch, Call of Duty or other games.

Any help will be appreciated.

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Also on a AMD 3600 but have radeon 580. I’m having a somewhat similar issue only my black screen lasts about 5 seconds then resolves, but happens several times a game. Occasionally it lasts 10 seconds and then green screens for a brief second then resolves. I can keep playing the game during this time, but can’t see anything…kinda driving me crazy. Updating drives now and hope this fixes it.

Sorry to hear you’re having a blackscreen problem! Please perform these steps to resolve the issue:

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