SC:R Graphics Feedback (Colour banners)

Hi guys, wondering if this could be relayed to the graphics team to see if they can continue to tweak the graphics a bit so that the colour bands on units and buildings could pop out a little more, either by taking up more space, or having a cleaner border, or having the hues tuned a bit “brighter”?

It seems a lot harder in SC:R to discern different factions among a sea of units than to 1.16. (most notably zerglings in ZvZ, vultures or tanks in TvT, zealots and goons (even archons) in PvP etc.).

It may be also due to the fact that “more visual detail” does not necessarily equate “visual distinction” during gameplay. Maybe they were trying very hard to turn pixels of one colour into depth and beautiful design, but in gameplay maybe less IS more: two big bright purple shoulder blobs on marines is all I need to see, and finding that balance is hard.

Thirdly the “base design” of units have much dominating colours (weird orange and grays on the Command Centers, the bright green band on a Carrier etc. that may take attention away from the eyes.

I’m picking on tiny little things here but I think it does make a huge difference. I’ve been watching the latest season of ASL and it is “difficult to watch” in a sense. What do you say?