Several Bugs in the "In the Enemy's Shadow" Mission

I’ve encountered several bugs while playing the mission “In the Enemy’s Shadow” in the Nova Covert Ops mission pack.

  1. The achievement “Catch Me If You Can” wasn’t awarded to me after completing the mission with the time of ~3:37, definitely well below the 4 minutes required for the achievement. In that run I let all cutscenes play without cancelling them. In the next run I cancelled both cutscenes immediately, finished with a similar time and got the achievement. I was sure that the mission timer, shown above the minimap in the lower left and reported at the end of the mission, was what was counted for achievements like these since I did most other timed campaign mission runs without skipping cutscenes and was always awarded the appropriate achievement. The total time with cutscenes was definitely over 4 minutes, it is shown in the “Load Game” menu when I select a game save near the end of the mission.

  2. After completing the mission, I wanted to do another run to get all the achievements and bonus objectives. So I restarted the mission and chose the “Return to Griffin” option from the menu to change my starting equipment for another run. However, rather than being returned to the start screen for this mission, I was sent to the start screen for the next mission - “Dark Skies”, the cinematic playing and all, as if I had chosen “Continue” on the victory screen after “In the Enemy’s Shadow”. This is my first playthrough of the Nova Covert Ops campaign and the first time reaching “Dark Skies”. I am fairly certain I did the same mission restarting procedure after “Night Terrors” a few days ago, and I was properly sent to its start screen.

  3. I’ve seen that other people have reported it already, but I also encountered the bug with using the “Fury of One” ability of the “Blazefire Gunblade” weapon. Nova could no longer attack after using the ability.

  4. This is really minor, and maybe not even a bug, but I thought I should mention it. Hovering the enemy “Scientist” non-combat unit in the mission shows the pop-up nameplate with the text “Defenders of Man”. However after mind controlling said “Scientist” with “Domination” and releasing him the nameplate would also show “Scientist” below the “Defenders of Man” text.