Starcraft 2 Suggestions

I’ve been a long-time fan of Starcraft 2 and am excited to contribute to the development of the game. I have a few suggestions that I would like to add to the game:

Increased Brutal difficulty level to 10-15. The current Brutal difficulty level is relatively easy even for experienced players. By adding more challenging maps and challenges, it will be possible to make the game more challenging and rewarding.
AI playing smarter and more like a human. It will enable the AI to make more tactical and strategic decisions and engage players in more challenging combat.
Amon is also in the game. This could add a new dimension to the game and require players to work together to defeat Amon.
Idea of 2 commander players and 1 Amon player. This will add a new level of difficulty to the game that will require more strategy and cooperation.
I believe these suggestions will help make the game more challenging, rewarding and fun. Thank you for considering my suggestions.

Kind regards,