StarCraft Disconnects


I have been having this issue off and on (happened a few weeks back, for a couple of days and seemed to have fixed itself until yesterday). I keep losing connection to either in a game, or sitting in any of the chat channels. It can happen as often as every few minutes (yesterday)… Today it’s happened significantly less… but it’s still happening. I’m not losing my connection to the internet as I’m able to chat with people on discord, listen to music, browse the web, etc at the same time. Things I have tried so far:

  • Resetting my Network devices
  • Re-installing the Blizzard App Client (running it as Administrator)
  • Checking for driver updates
  • Releasing/Renewing my IP and Flushing my DNS
  • Allowing exceptions through my Firewall
  • Disabling my Firewall
  • Hot-spotting a connection from my phone to play (has worked before, but not this time)
  • Connecting to a public DNS server (google)
  • Restarting my computer
  • Deleting the Cache
  • Playing other games to see if the problem occurs while doing so (it doesn’t)

Sometimes I receive the error code: (6:10) - but not always. Sometimes it says “The server connection has been lost.” in game - but it usually says nothing. I am connected via an Ethernet Cable.

When playing with some friends I have had them wait before dropping me in game for a few minutes (countdown timer drops to 0:00 for a minute or two) and then the game usually comes back and we’re able to keep playing for a few minutes (only for it to happen again).

Why would this keep happening? What would the reasoning be for it to happen for a few days, “fix itself” then a few weeks later start happening again? I’m hoping to find something to try so it stops happening completely.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!

Mate we had the same issue, until now got no solution maybe except changing my isp

For Error 6:10 it means the connection to the online servers was interrupted. If you haven’t performed the steps here then you should try those first.

Also, make sure your OS is up to date.