Starcraft II won't load, infinite loading bar

So me and my friend decided to play sc2 today and it had an update (we’ve stopped playing for a week or so). It did finish the download but after clicking the Play button, a loading bar appears and never ends. We’re both experiencing the same issue and our region is on Americas.

Tried scan & repair but didn’t work. Gave up solutions, so I gave it another shot (clicking the Play button) and the same loading bar appears. Been 15 minutes now and counting - and no, reinstallation is not an option :confused:

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exactly the same here

The same here too. I’m very disappointed.
Win 8.1 64, i2400, 8GB, NVidia GT 740

After 2 reboot, & cca 3 minutes waiting, it’s started…

The game does not “turn on” at all, so you don’t see main in-game loading screen, is that correct?
Only the white small window?

On other languange forum it was suggested to check One Drive synch folders - it causes error recently:
http s://

You may also consider checking this thread: no solution is given, but there is workaround available:
http s://

Can you confirm if neither of them works?
(also I wish trust level 2 forum member could provide normally working links :confused: )

Go to you cmd command when your sc2 is infinite loading and copy paste

ipconfig /release & ping -n 2 & ipconfig /renew

When inside sc2 connect to your server, under ‘MENU’ then the small ‘GLOBE earth icon’

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the ipconfig/release and ipconfig/renew actually works for me. But once i quit the game, i need to do this again. is there another better way to do this?