Starcraft Nova Ops continuation?

Hello everyone and merry Christmas!

I would like to ask Blizz, if there is going to be some continuation of this? Will there be more Covert Ops missions? Or this was it?

I think Blizzard could made a fully fledged game from this style in Starcraft setting, something like 3rd person Dishonored or Thief type game, but in sci-fi setting. Where you outfit Nova for each mission and have multiple ways to solve it, maybe even outcomes.
I liked it a lot, thank you for that Blizzard!


I think a lot of people would like a continuation of the Nova campaign.
9 missions was too short for a campaign, but it was better than nothing.
You never know if Blizzard will make a continuation of the story… unless… there is some sort of riot, scandal or protesting for a continuation of the story :).
Be thankful it happened (the Nova campaign).

Merry Christmas :slight_smile:

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I guess sales weren’t that good so they scrapped any ideas of it.
I’d rather have no continuation than something just to be there or for fan demand with no good message/story.