Starcraft remastered encountered unexpected error

The game fails to open, the error report immediately pops up after trying to launch the game.

Here is the error codes i have been getting:


It seems to be a different code every time. I’m using windows 10

Hello Kamicosby,

Thanks to the provided informations, we can see that it’s caused by Onedrive. To solve this, please go in your Onedrive folder (above “This PC”). In there, you should see a documents folder. Right-click on the Starcraft folder inside to “Always keep on this device” (if you play SC2 and/or Heroes of the Storm, you’ll have to do the same for them).

Alternatively, you can unsync the Documents folder from OneDrive :

I run into the exact same issue, but it isn’t onedrive. I’ve tried it when logged out of onedrive, after I turned off onedrive via task manager, after deleting EVERYTHING in my onedrive, yet still I can’t launch it.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the battlenet launcher a handful of times, reinstalled the game at least 6 times, tried repair files, restarted my computer between most of these actions, made sure my drivers were all up to date, ensured the game was allowed through my firewall, tried to run in compatibility mode…

I just want to fulfil some nostalgia, and instead I’ve sat here spending a frustrating amount of hours just trying to make the game START.