The Art of Warfare - Founded in 2001 - Recruiting

TAW is a great bunch of friendly people who love Starcraft. If you want some practice partners or coaches to help you improve you’ve come to the right place! Alternatively, if you want some friends to play coop, arcade, team games or FFAs we have a load of members that enjoy that too! :smile:

Happy days, Almost weekend again , but first lets do some gaming! join me in TAW and play together!

Nation Wars is back!

LEts hook up tonight and shoot stuff!

Alpha star coming to your ladder Pog!

Clan war tonight at 8PM CEST! Check out some of our players at

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cant wait to watch it :)!

Nation wars in coming #soon. Going to be exciting, go Sweden! ^^

games habe been fun last night :slight_smile:

Those recent GSL matches were absolutely crazy! Thanks for watching and having fun guys!

Had a great team games session last night! :smiley:

Weekend over? Doesnt matter! Join us for some games :slight_smile:

Getting hyped for Blizzcon! Group B looks ridiculous haha

Alpha league clan wars have started up again and we are always looking for new players to participate! :smiley:

New season, new ladder dreams and memes! Getting hyped for clan war this evening :smiley:

That was fun today guys, seriously… super fun.

You can ADD me to clan if you need more soldiers.
NOggNOskiLLs #21383

Hey, sorry haven’t checked the forums much over the holidays! I’ve added you in game :smiley:

Season 2 of our in-house tournament starts today!

So many terran players joining lately! Any protoss would be appreciated :joy: