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Alpha star coming to your ladder Pog!

Clan war tonight at 8PM CEST! Check out some of our players at

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cant wait to watch it :)!

Nation wars in coming #soon. Going to be exciting, go Sweden! ^^

games habe been fun last night :slight_smile:

Those recent GSL matches were absolutely crazy! Thanks for watching and having fun guys!

Had a great team games session last night! :smiley:

Weekend over? Doesnt matter! Join us for some games :slight_smile:

Getting hyped for Blizzcon! Group B looks ridiculous haha

Alpha league clan wars have started up again and we are always looking for new players to participate! :smiley:

New season, new ladder dreams and memes! Getting hyped for clan war this evening :smiley:

That was fun today guys, seriously… super fun.

You can ADD me to clan if you need more soldiers.
NOggNOskiLLs #21383

Hey, sorry haven’t checked the forums much over the holidays! I’ve added you in game :smiley:

Season 2 of our in-house tournament starts today!

So many terran players joining lately! Any protoss would be appreciated :joy:

i’m a main protoss ( I share my account with my brother who is main zerg)

btw my discord id is DezKyle#4797

Hey DezKyle, I saw you applied on our website. Have you received a message from anyone about joining yet?

Got a few clan wars coming up soon! If you want to compete for us apply to TAW today!