The fix for Protoss

So, Protoss may seem OP sometimes in lower MMRs but it is because plainly everyone sucks so its the race with the lower skill ceiling.

I play Terran and Zerg and i really dont like Protoss, but its not good for the game having all championships between terran or zerg.

I have 2 buffs in mind that i think would be good for the game, one definitely should help, the other one is just a cool idea that may be implemented.

1.- Vespene Automator … One of the biggest weaknesses of protoss is basically the runbys, be it zergling run bys or drops, etc. Workers are too much of a macro weakness compared to Terran having Mule or droning, if you lose a worker as a Protoss it is just way harsher.

One way to minimize this is this upgrade that would “Automate” vespene gas, so that it doesnt require workers like in the Campaign… yeah hear me out! before you cry OP!.. i have a way to balance it.

First its a researched upgrade, that would cost 300/300 /60s on the Nexus after the Cytadel, and what it would do is it would allow each individual Assimilator to be upgraded (Similar to Gate > Warp Gate), for a 50/50 /15s (1 supply, lets call it the remote operator), and it requires a Nexus in proximity, an Assimilator can once upgraded go back to normal and be operated manually. But this new Automated Vespenes would not have workers, and cost only 1 supply (potentially freeing also some workers for late game army), (once a vespene geyser doesnt have more gas, the 1 supply is cleared).

This can add about 16 more supply for late game army, a bit OP, maybe. But late game protoss is trash already, Carriers are garbage, Mothership is a meme, etc… (also many geysers are already depleted at that point and workers are given to clear space, also terran can also mule, which also free space for army, and you could even give Zerg 220 pop supply if it proves too OP, it would go with the theme of zerg being the most numerous)

Also the upgrade cost, having to manually upgrade and all it has it drawbacks, a few considerations, when the Assimilator is upgrading, you cant extract gas.

And this would have the benefit of at least needing some less workers, softening the blow of run bys…

The next upgrade i want to talk about is the Annhilator unit. Build at robotics once the bay is done, it would cost the same of the immortal. But basically the Annhilator Immortal from the protoss campaign. Its basically an Immortal without the shields, but with a 200 DMG cannon (the cooldown would have to be massively increased), but this would give protoss some form of anti air from the ground against heavy targets where its severely lacking, Stalkers are a joke.

Im not so sure about this upgrade but its food for thought… About the vespene one tho, i think the Protoss buff needs to come from that direction. Its just way too easily harassed and cant ever leave a defending position