The leagues are still broken!

I’m stuck in bronze 2v2 with 2863 MMR which should be Plat 3 according to the source code published on the burnysc2 github site (just Google it, first link).
This source code reveals that the MMR range for bronze is just plain wrong in US and EU and spans over the other leagues! It’s only accurate in Korea.

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Blizzard just haven’t been in the game for a long time. When they do, they’ll (probably) notice and fix it. In a year, I think.

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Same issue here. Due to MMR must be in gold 1, but currently in gold2.

It also feels like match making is screwed. I had 2700 mmr, silver for some reason (when I played 2 years ago, I had 2500 and it was gold). The opponents I am getting neither feel like silver nor like 2700 mmr (150+ apm, multiprone attacks, runbies etc).

Your MMR is your league and I think you still being match with people at same MMR. It´s an old bug happen every season that people get wrong badges some get bronze badges and some get master badges. Blizzard you should have fixed this years ago. Please fix it!