The New Transbots(or Transformers) Race (the 4th race)


  1. All buildings of the race each building produces only one unit. There is not a single building that produces either 2 or 0 units. You don’t need a unit, you don’t make this building.
  2. Each building makes upgrades only for its Units.
  3. Simplicity of mechanics, low threshold of understanding the race.
  4. It bears a very slight resemblance to Protos, in that there are photon cannons, pylons and batteries, instead of them it is one Tesla cannon. The Tesla cannon is just like a battery, a photon cannon and warehouses, a pylon. But these Tesla guns are NOT needed for the construction of buildings, they are needed in the production of units and only parts of units.
  5. The idea of the race is living robotic organisms, as it were. Therefore, each unit has its own robotic idea of existence.

Units Produced:
–A worker, a glass ball with a metal ring around it transfers crystals inside its ball to the base, on the back side of the worker there is a spider chip. Produced in the database. Crystals are extracted by a laser beam from the ring. During the construction of the building, health decreases by 2 times. If the health is less than half, then the unit itself turns (is sacrificed) into a building. A worker leaves a bug chip at the construction site of the building.
–Tesla ball, heals, buries, paralyzes with damage. It is buried once and for all, can be eliminated with an explosion. 3 Tesla balls are equal to the 1st Tesla cannon in terms of the effectiveness of treatment. I.e. to start building a building from a bug, you need either 1 Tesla, or 3 Tesla balls, or 3 charges of one Tesla ball, (the Tesla ball gradually replenishes its charge)
–monowheel, there is a machine gun on the axis, a light combat unit., Attacks ground targets
–a drone helicopter with one built-in propeller in the center, 2 guns on the sides, attacks aerial targets. Light combat unit
–Screamer - an invisible unit, an iron ball with saws, uses underground. During the attack, it crawls through the territory and saws the surface of the earth. Has a pinpoint attack, jumps out of the ground and attacks the living by diving back into the ground, attacks the mech. technique by exploding. Can jump over ledges.
–A robot (similar to the Archon), with magnetized armor and body parts to each other. In case of the first death, fragments of the body fall to the ground, the energy soul unit remains (invisible, does not attack), can be restored with the help of Tesla, the armor will fly back to the soul. (vision armor does not give)
–Scorpion - siege tank: has triple claws that shoot fire, the tail is used to emit a freezing ray (like a phoenix), can dig in and transform into a Siege Tank (Gauss Cannon), As a tank shoots ground spiders at long distances (like BroodLord). A unit that, after rapid production, is then completed automatically by itself. Initially, a small caterpillar centipede is produced. The caterpillar centipede can attack with a flame of fire from the mouth. over time, it automatically mutates (completes) into a scorpion. The caterpillar can also dig in, but it also shoots fire a little further. A dug-in caterpillar will automatically mutate into a dug-in scorpion tank over time. The dug-in caterpillar centipede looks like a snake sticking out of the ground. A unit that is, as it were, partially built in a building, and is often partially built later by mutating.
–Armored ball with spikes (large armor), (duplicator), crushes light living units, DOES NOT attack mech. equipment. It usually rolls without spikes, rolls slowly with spikes and crushes live units. When meeting an enemy mech.units are transformed into the same for a while, does not pretend to be an enemy. Rolling leaves an oily temporary trail on which units move quickly. The oil trail shows buried enemy units. If with spikes, then he immediately presses them, if without spikes, then he simply manifests in the place where he left a trace.
–A flying Snake disintegrates into a cloud of small drones, attacks aircraft in bulk as a swarm of insects (like protos interceptors), after which it gathers back into a snake and resuscitates the total number of drones. One small PARENT drone does not attack is invisible. It is possible to reanimate the quantity only if there is a Tesla ball nearby. The reanimated snake (healthy) can be buried underground, in a passive state. It can dive underground, pulling out at a distance of visibility of this unit, as if teleporting at a distance of visibility of the unit. When the parent drone is killed, all other drones fly uncontrollably flying around the map for several minutes and die crumbling.
–A transporter, a space gate (ring) with a black hole in the center (ground transport) hovers on a plasma cushion, can transport a Tesla ball in the center turning into a mobile Tesla with a photon cannon or battery. Can jump to high levels while transporting vehicles. At the base, all units must assemble in the building of this transporter, after which the units can teleport to the transporter itself or simply be transported in the old-fashioned way. It can dig in at all times, turning into the building of this unit.

Units are produced with the presence of a Tesla nearby: an Armored ball and a Screamer.
Units are made WITHOUT the presence of a Tesla nearby (a Tesla ball, a helicopter drone,), but they will not be able to get out without a Tesla nearby. In order for the unit to come out, you need a Tesla charge.
Units produced WITHOUT the presence of Tesla and Tesla is NOT needed to exit: a worker, a soul from a human robot with magnetized armor, and a parent drone from a flying snake, a dead blank of a monowheel. Once these units are close to Tesla, they will regain their armor, strength and visibility by charging from Tesla

Helicopter drone and monowheel combine to transform into an armored drone that can ride and fly (like a Viking). It has a feature: turning on the unit timer, after a while it teleports to the timer start position.

List of buildings:
–The base, a metal planet buried half in the ground, around the ring, Can take off and fly to a new position. During the flight, it creates a slowing gravitational field around and an invisibility field, landing, all fields disappear. (The only flying building).
–Tesla (warehouse, cannon, battery, pylon), a stack of rings with a ball above them. The ball detaches, the structure becomes passive, passable. In general, the building can become a walk-through, for this by hiding the rings and the ball inside, or the ball rolls away as a unit. Can only produce quantity of 1 pc. unit (tesla ball only), after the tesla ball rolls away, the building becomes passive. As if it transmits its energy to its ball at a distance.
–Monowheel factory - Shoots dead units for a short distance, can throw over the ledges of the unit. A dead unit is eliminated in a minute. A Tesla charge is required to revive the unit.
–The drone helicopter factory is a glass building with gears inside. The built helicopter drone hovers over the building, then requires a Tesla ball nearby for the next production.
–The Plant of the Magnetized Human robot. Rotating 4 crystals around. An energy soul is formed in the center. At the base are the armor. Production is NOT blocked by the absence of Tesla. Without Tesla, the energy invisible soul is used without armor. As soon as the soul is charged by Tesla, the armor will fly in and make it strong and visible.
–The Scorpion plant - produces small millipede caterpillars, which after production automatically gradually mutate into a Scorpion, i.e. it is the construction of a unit by the deferred method. The plant is similar to a CNC machine, with many manipulators that solder the small body of a millipede. Tesla is only needed to exit the unit.
–Screamer factory - looks like a lattice vertical pipe, Such a pipe as a vertical conveyor. Rings rotate in 2 or 3 places of the pipe. Produces an invisible underground screamer unit, requires Tesla at the beginning of the order. The Tesla charge is, as it were, sealed inside a ball with mechanics.
–Factory for ball with spikes. A large red-hot ball on a magnetic cushion is pumped by an electric beam at the base, to order a unit, a Tesla charge is initially required
–The transporter plant - horizontal disks rotate just above the ground between the pillars, the disks eventually form a black hole. And under the disks, the foot plates are formed, with the help of which the unit will float on an electrostatic cushion. Since the building does not have a body, the base of the building is horizontal glass with a light glow from inside. How to pump metal plates with light that hover over the surface and rotate.
–Flying Snake Factory - produces invisible small parent drones. Building: A conveyor belt of ready-made drones emerging from the depths of the earth in the building. When buying, each parent drone is charged and flies away, and the next drone lifts it into place. The building consists of parts of radiators and cooling pipes of acid green color.

Most likely, for Tesla’s balance, the photon and battery modes will be like an upgrade.

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